Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who gets your search click money? Ubuntu is my choice.

In order to develop the excellent Firefox, the folks at Mozilla had much help.

Some of that help was given in terms of time:- some people were involved in
the peer review of the code, and in enhancing the existing code base.

Some help was given financially - A deal with Google to enable Mozilla to earn
a slice of search clicks for each Google search by a Firefox user.

Mozilla were able to pay staff and do some Firefox advertising based on this revenue.
Great news all round :)

Now for Lucid, we have Ubuntu who might earn a slice of search clicks that are sent to Yahoo.

Where would your rather the slice of your search click pie went? Mozilla or Ubuntu?

Now Mozilla have had my slice for quite some time and I am a pretty good advocate for their browser I feel. I make an effort to big it up and to share my positive experiences when I can.

I want to support the development of a GNU/Linux in whatever ways I can, and if that means sending this years search clicks to Yahoo, so that Ubuntu gets some additional income, then so be it*

If I could help fund some Debian work through search clicks I would do that also.

It is likely that Yahoo (and whatever its search technology ends up being in 2011) will still fail to be a threat to Google.
[ If you want to do some in-depth reading on search market share then this link might be a good start ]

*There is just one caveat to my using Yahoo for a year. Assuming the Yahoo/Bing working arrangement really is approved by the EU in the next few months, then I will always go direct to Wikipedia for their stuff, so as to avoid any tricksy little Wikipedia caching from Bing.

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