Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Min Max Close - Leftmost or Rightmost for Ubuntu Lucid - you choose

There is a look and feel change coming with Ubuntu Lucid, that some folks will protest against.

Barring any last minute change of heart it looks as if the Min Max Close buttons for the windows will be Leftmost (rather than Rightmost).

And so on your screen:

...will become...

Now a few folks are not liking this idea at all, and suggesting solutions:
  • Don't change things
  • Make the default placement for Min, Max, Close be Leftmost but have a simple switch to revert to the Rightmost (previous) look.
Xubuntu users have the freedom to choose Leftmost or Rightmost already as shown below:

( Image above needs enlarging?...just click on it for better results )
( No worries as I will be covering things in a bit more detail below)

The order of elements in this box:

...can be changed by dragging and dropping to suit your preferences.

For my example, I have kept, the most commonly used buttons in the 'Active' section, and the results would be 'Rightmost' placement of Min, Max, Close buttons.

In the 'Hidden' section the + icon is for sticking the window, and the upwards arrow is referred to as 'Shade' and essentially reduces the window to just a title bar.

Shade/Unshade feels quite familiar having had experience using WindowMaker/GNUstep, but that button would not be showing based on my configuration shown above.

The Dark/Dark Blue Theme in use on my Desktop in the large screenshot is Albatross (a theme derived from Alvaro)

The Window Manager Style I have used is 'Iceg'. There are lots of styles to choose from including 'Next' which is another style which I find appealing.

For readers who want a bit more detail about the Window Manager customisation in Xubuntu, reading the Xfce 4.2 documentation here will give you a good start.

Commentary on the proposed change from 'Rightmost' to 'Leftmost':

All layout change will meet some resistance, it is natural to become familiar with things being placed where they are, in the current version.

A few years before Ubuntu was born, the users of another operating system were forced to use a new 'Teletubbies' style user interface (Remember that protest?)
Well there was the option to go back to the previous style I suppose, but I don't remember there being so much lasting negativity to Redmond back then...people just got over it and eventually accepted the change.

If you feel so strongly, then this article at least gives you a third way - use Xubuntu.

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