Friday, October 1, 2010

Budget Hotels and Bed Bounce

A weekend away staying in a budget hotel, always holds a bit of surprise.
I enjoy plenty of city breaks and am pleasantly surprised when everything about the budget hotel is great.

A recent weekend was a new experience for me...the bed was like a broken trampoline. I asked to be moved and was moved down the corridor to another room (119). The bed there was like a slightly less broken trampoline, and so I gathered that was the standard and unpacked my weekend clothes.

My weekend was excellent by the way...I explored a city that I have visited only fleetingly before, and really enjoyed my time there.

Here is a sheet which that hotel should have in every room:

The above was inspired by Wetherspoons and their toilet check sheet. Wetherspoons make over half of their profit selling liquids, and so they are bright enough to realise that, having clean, well functioning toilets, is a must for their business.

What I am suggesting to that budget hotel chain (I will not name them directly) is that they print off this sheet, and pin one up in each room.

When the cleaners or maintenance staff visit room 119 (for example), they might glance at the sheet, and see that October has yet to be completed.

A quick bounce on the bed is enough to test the condition. If it creaks and whines when you bounce then it should be marked down as "Poor" and perhaps the manager notified for a replacement requisition.

If the bed has no firmness left at all, then it should be replaced immediately.

Hopefully most months the entry will say "Good" or "Okay".

This simple, once a month check, in each room would be enough to prevent the daft situation which I recently experienced. You are in the hotel game, and customers expect beds which can be slept in.

Beds which can only be described as trampolines do not count, and just make people think your hotel chain has maintenance issues.

Here is what that sheet would show for my room:
"Good, Good, Good, Okay, Okay, Okay, Poor"
Note: There is only one "Poor" because hopefully the hotel manager was notified and ordered a new bed promptly.

Weekend Memorable Pub: "Dove & Rainbow"
Memorable Real Ale: "Moonshine" (4.3%) by Abbeydale

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