Sunday, April 24, 2011

devpts - Debian does initscripts rather than /etc/fstab

Issuing the mount command on a GNU/Linux system, you will see an entry similar to the following:

devpts on /dev/pts type devpts

Debian creates that mount via the following script:


Other GNU/Linux distributions might choose to have entries in /etc/fstab to create that devpts mount.

Package to reinstall if devpts is not working as it should:

The package initscripts contains the necessary files as shown below:

...and for non 64 bit PC systems...

The above shows an extract of the file listings (A-R), that includes, the file we are interested in, for this article.

I have shown the amd64 & i386 file listings for comparison, and to satisfy myself that there are, no immediately obvious differences (A-R)

For Debian, some of the mount options for devpts can be altered by changing files in /etc/default:

...and 686 / 386 version ...

Here are the permissions for those /dev/ entries of interest on my system:

Sometimes working in a chroot environment can throw up problems with devpts, and the article here, gives an example & possible solution.

Notes and Further Reading:

The retro style font shown in the screenshots of my terminal, can be obtained on Debian using:

apt-get install xfonts-terminus xfonts-terminus-oblique

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