Monday, April 11, 2011

usb keys - the drive for cheaper components

Competition drives down prices (this is a fundamental plank of what we have come to expect of Western society today)

Memory gets cheaper each year it seems.

Have had two usb flash keys from MicroDirect in the last year, and both have proved unreliable.

Four possibilities in my mind:
  1. In constantly driving down of prices, quality is being sacrificed
  2. MicroDirect are somehow sourcing poor quality products
  3. This is the flash memory industry as it is today, variable quality but low cost
  4. Just bad luck rather than a supply issue.
The brands are Kingston and Corsair.

The original Kingston (flip around style) had poor build quality, and failed within 5 months.
( Kingston quality control should have picked up that the device rattled when shaken, and sent it back to the supplier, rather than issuing to retail. Their brand reputation suffers if they do not. )

Rather than ask for the same replacement, I asked about a different brand and was supplied with a Corsair "Flash Voyager"

The Flash Voyager has lasted a month longer (6 months) and is now unusable.

Needless to say I am thrilled about losing the data that lived on those keys, when they stopped working.
( Minor data loss twice in 12 months, through no fault of mine, irks a little. )

Having applied to MicroDirect for an RMA, my next step will involve the postage cost, of returning another dud to the retailer.

I am not blinkered to the retailer point of view, perhaps in the circumstances, they might feel, also, that they have lost out.
( The cost of processing returns, and obtaining credits, from Kingston and Corsair is something MicroDirect would rather avoid, I am sure. )

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