Sunday, May 22, 2011

debian - webgl and canvas capable iceweasel / firefox

This article has been updated in 2014 to give a testing link for the khronos project. The original article continues below.

Today has been a little bit of an experiment.

My regular browser is Iceweasel 4 (Firefox 4), and I am bending the rules of the angry birds beta, by using my browser to beta test.

Use the 'SD version' and get playable results:

I don't know precisely which features of Firefox 4 are utilised, but for now I am just having fun completing as many levels as I can.

But there is no sound in the 'sd version':

Remember that you are using a non supported browser against a 'beta' setup.

( If you are desperate for sound and / or the 'hd version' then chromium from the 'sid' unstable repository is a non-recommended option )

Hey if you've heard the background music once, you've heard it a thousand times, why not have play you some background music instead :)

But I use Nvidia / Intel graphic card and cannot even play 'sd version':

I have only tested 'sd version' on two ATI equipped desktops, but I ask a question here to check that there are no issues for other graphics cards.

Iceweasel 4 freezes on loading on my machine:

Go directly to the 'sd version' url

( Note: I tested that 'sd version' url today, however being a 'beta' it is very subject to change )

If you still have no joy, then you are free to install firefox nightly and try that.

If you are able to participate in the 'beta' using either an official browser ( Chromium 9 / Chrome 9 ) or an unofficial mozilla browser, then have fun and enjoy this free game :)

Using firefox / iceweasel 24 or newer and wanting to test webgl?

Follow the above link and hit 'run tests' to have your browser tested for webgl conformance. Most of the tests should pass in firefox / iceweasel 24 and newer.

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