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Printing on the go - pogo & zink from polaroid

Back in the eighties, this was instant photo printing:

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Now the closest you will get today, is a Polaroid device called 'Pogo'

It uses 'Zink' paper technology, and from personal experience the results are pretty. good.

Zink 'Smart Sheet' - the magic blue sheet:

The instructions are pretty clear that the blue sheet is to be the first through the printer, when you open a new pack of zink.


DO NOT toss the blue sheet in the bin (see comments below)

But my Pogo printing is streaky - what to do to Zink paper:

That blue 'Smart sheet' is textured and designed to clean the print head.

Just take out any remaining sheets from the Pogo, place the blue 'smart sheet' in on its own, and press print.

Repeat two or three times.

Each time that textured smart sheet passes over the print heads, it is cleaning up any residue from previous prints.

There is a blue sheet in every ten pack, and the principle is that before doing a batch of ten prints, that blue sheet will have passed through the printer, to clean up any previous residue.

Polaroid and 3"x4" photos:

The Pogo prints business card sized 2"x3" photos.

Great for customised seasonal greetings cards, or birthday cards - just instaglue the thing inside the card.

Great for family men, who travel through work, and sometimes need reminding about their family. A couple of recent 2"x3" will fit nicely in the wallet.

The larger (think 80s or 90s polaroid sized) snaps are coming in June 2011.

The GL10 is the new model, which Polaroid will be launching soon with a campaign with Lady Gaga.

Ten packs of Zink paper - where to get them and expiry:

The zink paper (by law) requires an expiry date as it is classed as a Consumable

The printing technique for Zink involves the Pogo applying heat to the paper, which activates the crystals.

( The crystals, and therefore the paper, do not deteriorate in any other way )

If you prefer the more classic camera 'all in one', then the One600 is still available today.

( Greeting card tip: Apparently you can just peel the photo away from backing paper, to make it even easier to create custom cards )

Notes and Further reading:

If you are feeling nostalgic about instant printing, then Polaroid were still issuing the 600 range, in late nineties. As recently as five years back these were still selling well.

Second hand models of the 690 can still be obtained, however do check that you can get the printing refills / paper, before splashing out.

The Polaroid 690 image used at the top of this article is courtesy of Wikipedia
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