Monday, June 27, 2011

milium / mila removal 3 options - DIY

When your skin regenerates, it is perfect (mostly).

Sometimes the skin might trap a little of the keratin when it regenerates.

There are essentially 3 options based on cost and squeamishness
  1. Exfoliate (burn a little of the skin off to release the trap)
  2. Laser treatment - hey to some this is a social visit - whatever.
  3. DIY with pin and water

Not for the squeamish - small amount of bleeding - cost zero:

Watching an episode of Lost at a friends recently, had me wondering what if we did not have access to some fancy alternatives.

It inspired me to get together a little DIY kit for this job:

I had four milia to remove - never made an effort at removal before.

Entire process took 15 minutes.

For a week I will have four blemishes on my forehead where the skin has been broken.

Warning: Doctors and Health Professionals will warn you against undertaking any procedure yourself that draws blood. Sound advice, as perhaps some folks do not sterilise what they use, and not sterilising is asking for infection.

The clean egg cup contains boiling water, and dipping the items in that water was enough to satisfy my own personal sterilisation standards.

Disclaimer: Whilst I myself might be happy to cut into skin to remove trapped Keratin, I do not advise you to do the same. Any action you take is at your own risk. 
Following options (1) or (2) given earlier might be better advice.

The location was important in my choice. If I were to get Milia on my forehead I would repeat my approach. However, if the Milia were close to my eye (they are for some folks), then that might change my decision. If a target Milium was within an inch of my eyelid, then I might not be so confident of working with pin and blade.

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Gary said...

Correction: blemishes took about two weeks to heal. If you are really sensitive about your appearance at work then self treatment might not be the avenue for you.

On a positive note, there are no lasting effects for me personally, and the results have been excellent.

Milia occur rarely for me, and I expect one instance of trapped keratin every couple of years.

It will probably be a decade until I have a worthwhile group to remove, and I will follow the same procedure as this time around - diy kit.