Tuesday, July 26, 2011

persona versus real name - twitter / google+

The 'individual' version of Google+ is in 'beta' right now.

Once the individual version is launched, there will be work on the 'corporate' version of Google+ designed for trading entities.

As we are talking about a beta product and only speculating about what might come from the future business version, all of this might change.

Real name versus Persona - Twitter / Google+

There are strong arguments both ways.

Here I give my input...

There is one company that has registered 500 or so twitter accounts for it's corporate marketing.

If this real name thing helps reduce the 'persona' style stuff, which often just a marketing tool used by one or two dumb companies overdoing the marketing, then, for me, that is a positive.

It is one of the things that put me off twitter a bit, hundreds of corporate accounts from the same company, all spewing the latest marketing hype.

Not saying I agree entirely with the Google approach (it does have some drawbacks - some of which you have mentioned), or that I disagree with your sentiment ... just presenting some input.

Twitter is there for those folks who feel better about wearing a persona ... like being at a masked ball, everyone else is allowed to wear a mask also.

There are lots of drawbacks to the 'real name' approach, and the blog of Alison Wheeler is a good source of counter argument.

I leave it up to you to form your own arguments and decide if you want to be on Twitter, Google+, both, or neither :)

Notes and Further Reading:

There are a whole bunch of issues around gender, that may come up in the debate about Google+ and real names.
Note: As of July 12th 2011, Google has made gender optional
Your gender is no longer required on your profile: Some of you were concerned about having to share your gender with people you don't know. We hear you, and we've now made displaying your gender on your profile optional.

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