Saturday, October 8, 2011

career/life goals from retrospective points.

Here are 4 phrases, that I hope will never appear on my fictional obituary

  • If it didn't involve 100% markup, then he wasn't interested
  • He sought to divide the globe into the 10% who could afford his product, and the other 90%, and, to make that division very tangible.
  • He made some very uninteresting people proud to wear a turtleneck
  • He learned from previous examples of 'patent aggression', then took it to the max.
I can be pretty sure about the third entry, and the other three make good personal targets of 'how not to' for my future.

Here are some experimental entries:
  • He wrote an anti-EULA that made app store software installation really difficult
  • He refused to dress up, and was rarely the best dressed gentleman at the convention.
  • He missed the opportunity to branch out into high street 'churches'.
  • He told a lie once about a guy with a different ideology.
...and some more...
  • He chopped and changed endeavours so frequently, and failed to see out some projects to true proof or disproof.
  • He often placed too little value on business partners, and failed to move forward quickly enough, by 'in-housing' too much.
  • He did not take the time to ensure that his own moral code was part of the company make up. When it went public, it turned into the very thing which he had been fighting against most of his career.
Experimenting this way, and, for a short time trying to play the external critic, can be useful in firming up your own objectives.

Organised religion makes a big thing about some central figure. Whilst it is okay to borrow some features and achievements from somebody else, achieving your own potential fully, will probably not come from imitation.

If you want to explore the 'central figure' / worship theme a little, then the argument and counter arguments here are a good entry point.

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