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Fredrickson International - Scam debt collection?

Ways to tell disreputable companies - some ideas:
  1. PO Box Address only
  2. Signature is not a signature - no named individual

Writing letters with no named individual, is not something that a reputable company would do.

Address: PO Box 260,
 KT13 0YH

Why would a reputable financial services company hide behind a PO Box?

But they must be a reputable company - they have a website and a data protection 'notification' entry.

So it seems De Havilland Drive, Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge, Surrey is the real address behind the PO Box.

An even fuller address might be Persimmon House, De Havilland Drive, if you are planning on calling in person.
  • Telephone:  0870 774 4111
  • Fax: 0870 777 6609
Google map search - here.

Seems this company used to collect Debts for Plant Hire / Leasing, but might want to now expand it's area of business.
Now back to the website - and here is the London address to tie it all together:

Fredrickson Int Ltd
7-10 Chandos Street

Google map search - here.

Now a bit more about the company - who are the key people?

MR JAN MICHAEL LACEY 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
ROY FREDERICK JONES 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
PAUL WILLIAM BUTLER 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
PAUL FAITHFULL 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
DARREN SEAN WRIGHT 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
DR DEREK LOUIS JONES 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
FRANK HANAFIN 12 Jan 10 director - Particulars Changed
JAN LACEY 11 Dec 08 director - Particulars Changed
MR JAN MICHAEL LACEY 11 Sep 08 director - Appointed

Now I don't know - but the thing that stands out here is the name Lacey - Mr Jan Micheal Lacey - appointed September 2008, then particulars changed 3 months later and again in 2010 - what sort of reorganisation is going on there exactly?

Promotion apparently - since 2008 Jan Michael Lacey has been promoted to "Director – Head of Group Marketing"

Quite a fancy title for a company that has less than £10,000 capital on file?

Financial Services and name changes - dodgy? You decide:

Apparently Mr S R Jones also a director of ...


Why all these different Fredrickson companies? All requiring company registration and Directorship filing.

Paying back the banks - who has Fredrickson owed money to?

RBS Invoice Finance Limited - Fixed And Floating Charge - Outstanding 1 Jun 07

National Westminster Bank Plc - Debenture - Outstanding on 02 Jun 04

Ideal Homes Limited - Rent Deposit Deed - Outstanding on 14 Sep 02

National Westminster Bank Plc - Legal Mortgage - Outstanding on 09 May 1996

Is this a service for debt reduction swap that Fredrickson are involved in?

Perhaps if S R Jones and J M Lacey were not so busy setting up so many different companies and Directorships, they might have a clearer business and make their own payments always on time.

Phone Harassment? - multiple outgoing phone numbers maybe:

0207 998 1074,
0208 127 0829
0208 616 0016
0208 759  9577

Mostly 0208 London, but also Manchester 0161 425 7458 and some other assorted numbers also.

Seems like that Manchester number has seen regular complaints.

Any phone less than two years old should have a call barring feature as standard.
Read the online manual for your phone or download the pdf user manual.

On some android phones there is whitelisting via menu entry for 'auto reject'
settings -> call settings -> all calls -> auto reject
Then you need to go into the 'auto reject' list and add that list of numbers above.

There are various smartphone apps for call reject, and most mobile antivirus has an sms/call block feature.
If you cannot find 'auto reject' or similar built in, then maybe webroot mobile antivirus or a similar shield is the way to go.

If you have a Virgin phone, then it may be worth thinking about a different network. Virgin seem to make it extraordinarily difficult on their website to access nuisance calls handling guidance.

Is this because robocalls are a healthy revenue stream which Virgin is keen to encourage?

Being locked into a Virgin contract, I had no choice but to install Webroot and add 88288 to the sms block to stop some nuisance texts.

The landline still gets robocalls, and I am keen to hear from anyone who has tried to contact Virgin to give an indication of how their complaint was handled.
( please leave your comment at the end )

Speaking of phones - what an innovative way of asset stripping:

We don't just take cash - we take your phone too!

But Fredrickson International Limited have just written to me?

It was probably for an old debt which you have already paid off years ago.

It is likely speculative.

Is this no more than an 0870 scam - where the whole point is to get people to waste their own time whilst the company collect 'per minute' call charges?

Well if Fredrickson are knowingly holding incorrect / uncorroborated data, and are not taking the time to 'prove the debt', it is certainly one argument.

Go here and ask some questions if you feel you might benefit from peer support.

Here is what Bill had to say about dealing with calls from this company:
Do not discuss anything, just leave them hanging on the phone. Do not even give them your name. They will also let it ring twice, as though you have a missed call and let you phone back......

Naming and shaming companies who deal with Fredrickson:

  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Tiscali
  • BT
  • Virgin

Boycott those companies. It should be part of how you choose your services to consider who a company associates with.

Note: Just because Fredrickson International write in a letter that their client is "Such and Such Bank", does not make it so. One such example showed "Client: Bank of Scotland", however I am pretty sure that this is misleading.

Compiling a 'filtered list' of the most vulnerable - the 'mark' list:

Do not under any circumstances contact Fredrickson International without first checking your own credit record.

Courts should appreciate the argument:

I believed it to be a scam, so I promptly ordered a copy of my credit reference file. And this arrived within 7-10 days.
So work to your own timetable, diligently, and do not be rushed by scare tactics and barmy court cost figures in a letter.

Solicitors and part qualified legal executives who get involved in compiling 'mark' lists, based on response to scare tactics are bringing the law into disrepute.

The law was never about allowing exploitation of societies most vulnerable, by somebody with a two year City & Guilds equivalent in basic law.

The first time you respond to a bogus debt claim, you have just been promoted to the class B list.

Class A - the original list
Class B - those who have responded in any way
Class C - those who seem most unable to 'hold their own' in telephone conversation, and might pay twice for something already cleared.

That Class C 'mark list' is very valuable to all companies operating in grey areas of law.

If you make it onto the Class C list, then even if you get rid of the company that is currently bothering you, by sharing that valued list, another bogus claim from a different company is likely in the future.

Trading in lists of societies most vulnerable individuals? How on earth did we end up here?
UK Prime Minister - what are you going to do to address this awful situation?

But my Sister who has Learning Disabilities has already visited

If you have verified that this is a bogus claim (Statute Barred / Already settled), then your Sister (with your help) will have to write to Fredrickson International, and ask them to remove all records they hold on her. Do it soon.

If they have not responded within 14 days confirming receipt of your letter, then they are in violation of Data Protection regulations, and seek help at

If it were me doing the writing, then I would address the letter to the Data Controller at the Surrey address listed above, and do not bother with recorded delivery - too easy to ignore (I was not in the office)

If the company are genuinely ignoring data removal requests, then the Information Commissioner (see Helpline number) will respond to your complaint.

Notes and Further reading:

Official UK Helpline for Data Protection issues: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545745
Next time you are being pitched a Broadband contract - ask the sales operator.
  • Does your network allow connections from automated dialers?
  • How easy is it for the network to bar a number from being able to call my landline?
  • How easy is it for the network to bar a number from being able to call my mobile?
  • Can you point me to the area of your website regarding nuisance calls?
  • Does your company have any business dealings with Fredrickson International?

If enough people ask these, then you are helping reshape demand to better meet the needs of the end user, and helping solve the problem.

Antivirus and call blocking:

I have no affiliation to Webroot or any other antivirus software, however Webroot kindly provide screenshots at which indicate an sms/call block feature.

Most antivirus is probably as good as the next, however if you are buying it in order to get sms/call blocking, then do ensure it has this feature before hitting 'Buy'

Your personal grievance with Fredrickson:

Please seek some peer support from consumer action groups, or citizens advice if you have a current problem or personal grievance with Fredrickson.
( I wrote this blog post 3 years ago, and have no further dealing personally with this disreputable company. I leave the article content active, as it may help some of the people who are still being targeted by this company. )

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