Sunday, January 13, 2013

sync off - over and out android

Having listened to the mantra of "Always on", some folks with smartphones are beginning to suggest organised time outs.

Sony Android phones come with a 'Timed Saver' feature which will switch off all data between midnight and 7am, when enabled.

This application is not in the main android system setting, but rather appears as an Application icon, on Xperia android phones (as shown below)

Break away from "Always On" - 3 options:

  • Airplane mode
  • Disable Sync
  • Some sort of power save app
The most obvious way of taking time out from a smartphone is just to flick into 'Airplane mode'

Stating the obvious for clarity - 'Airplane mode' is designed to disable all data traffic. Some might consider this a bit drastic, but if it is important, then communication can usually find another way.

The second option is to disable sync. When you disable sync for an account on your Android phone, it prevents background fetching, and you then manually press 'refresh' to fetch.

The third option is a power saving app, which is more applicable for folks who can say yes to any of these symptoms:
  • My phone pings during night, and I wonder what email that is
  • I was restless at 2am and so I gave up and browsed google play for the latest games.
  • The server configuration changes I made must have gone okay, but at 3am and 5am I couldn't help but check Nagios from my phone.

Power saving apps - know what you are doing:

There are some folks out there who did not know that they have a power saving app (advanced search required) or do not understand how to switch it on and off.

Do take the time to understand your power saving app, and read the help:

Some suggestion / links if your phone did not come preinstalled with a power saver app:

...there are many more if you want to shop around.

If you have a HTC Evo, then you probably already have a power saving app preinstalled, but getting to the options is far from straightforward. (See link above)

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