Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Abandon ship - free software is not shiny enough

Hey I am writing this to on Debian Wheezy, but I am truly staggered to read people saying 'Ubuntu -> Chromebook' is anything to do with software freedom.

If you want to 'go google' and your argument is that you already use gmail, google calendar, etc then fine. But bashing on Ubuntu for being non-free whilst hauling ass over to a set of proprietary web services is not really about 'free software'.

Hell I might find myself doing it one day who knows ones own future in the corporate workplace, but wrapping it up in XXX is not free, or YYY makes something shinier is not how I hope I would do it.

Sometimes people use something for a couple of years, and then want to try something different.
Hey it happens, but try not to bash your past on the way out.

Future and Postscript:

I have no idea what the technology landscape will be like in 5 years time, so I leave a space here to add my own comments then. These comments above might serve as a personal reminder as to how to incorporate change in ones own future and how to try and be dignified in it.

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