Thursday, March 28, 2013

Advocate become Polemicist to eat

Hoping that a Linux advocate does not have to become a Linux polemicist in order to eat.

Probably have to hang up that 'advocate' hat, as that person would driven by new primary goals.

Ubuntu regularly takes pot shots at this n that elements of current GNU/Linux ecosystem, do you want to mimic Ubuntu approach in your articles?

Now I'll add some arguments against my original take:
( Some of these tire me just writing them as they are buzzphrases )
  • Criticism is essential to development*
  • Choice is bad, criticize to weed out all but the one true choice
  • Point out the weaknesses in your competition, through heavy criticism and sell more.
  • Make unpopular choices on behalf of your users, after all you are the software company, and they merely use your software.
  • To get to know a truth properly, one must polemicize it. 
*Perhaps some truth in here, however if this were as simple as stated here, then the most criticised software companies would make the best software.

Noting the paradox here.

Making good software terrible in a new release (Vista) increases criticism.

I'll leave you to untangle that, and hopefully realise, that it is a more complex idea, than can be properly framed in one sentence.

Perhaps these phrases might help give some balance:
  • Criticism because you ignored what the customer wants is rarely good.
  • Not all criticism is good criticism

Polemicist point of view: All criticism (of system) is good criticism, as it increases my article audience, and sells ad space.

The '...know a truth properly...' quote is I think from 'The Viking book of aphorisms' by W. H. Auden

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