Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gnome 3 - the Hud plus strengths

The top left hand corner of my Gnome 3 shows 'Activities'

Click 'Activities' to bring up a list of your favourite programs

Program not already a marked 'favourite'? - two options:

Press Alt+F2 and type the full program name


Press Super key and type first few letters of program name

The Super key way is a little shorter and gives you a visual feedback of the program icon before you select it.

If you find yourself regularly using Gimp and it is not already shown in the left 'Activities' icon list, then (whilst Gimp is open), right click it's icon in 'Activities' and choose 'Add to favourites'

If you have been using Ubuntu 12.04 and Unity, then the Gnome 3 way of doing things should feel a little familiar already.

Gnome 3 and Debian 8 / Ubuntu 14:

Gnome 3 is maturing now, and any Gnome 3.10 upwards, is a good desktop environment.

Some strengths of Gnome 3:
  • It is fast. If you are an Ubuntu user using a refurbished machine, then you will benefit from the extra speed of this iso install
  • It is perfect for folks leaving Ubuntu for another Linux experience.
    ( The left hand favourites bar and the hud way of doing things should feel familiar )
  • Chromebook fans who are familiar with the 'add-on' way of altering their desktop experience, will find a similar model in Gnome 3
Whilst Gnome 3 itself is mature, the distributions themselves will need time to integrate Gnome 3 effectively.

Packagers and bug fixers will find the first year of Gnome 3.10 / 3.12 availability in their favoured distribution, a bit of a learning experience.

  • "Is that a question or a bug?"
  • "Is there a gnome shell extension for that?"
  • "Where are the pre-packaged gnome shell extensions?"
  • "Is it Gnome 3's job to integrate NetworkManager notifications or the distributions?"
  • "Where / how to warn of updates / update manager items?"
  • "Do I like the 'add-on' mentality of the new Gnome?"
  • "Do I consider Gnome 3 complete and usable yet?" 
There are many question and answer sources for Gnome, but for Gnome 3 particularly you might try this superuser link.

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