Thursday, March 8, 2018

Twitter 'cookie use warning' cannot be dismissed - login from Firefox blocked

At the start of 2018 the twitter login page implementation is incompatible with Firefox "Always use Private Browsing" setting.

I guess this might be because instead of having a 'cookie warning accept' option in 'General Settings' of your profile, twitter have gone with the typical overlay warning, which then stores a cookie of what you responded when prompted with the privacy warning.

Lots of mid sized web sites have this sort of boilerplate 'cookie warning accept' overlay. Should twitter do it more intelligently?

Regardless this is the current situation, and so it merely remains for me to illustrate the exact setting to disable for a temporary workaround (see image next)

Unchecking "Always use private browsing mode" will allow twitter to store a 'you can track me' cookie, and enable you to log in to twitter using Firefox.

I have not tested Chrome but I guess 'Incognito mode' might prevent cookies. Twitter seem to have gone a bit further for Chrome compatibility and use a different login overlay - yet to be confirmed.

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