Monday, March 29, 2010

Ubuntu Lucid Themes - Radiance versus Ambiance plus Pointers

Some screenshots of alternatives to Lucid 'Ambiance' Themes and Pointers.

Radiance Theme with Pointer 'redglass'

The 'redglass' Pointer gives a deep red colour with shadow effect, and gives you an hourglass spin when your system is waiting.

( The background showing through with a few bubbles is 'Ethais' )

Radiance is a good alternative if you find the Ubuntu Lucid default (Ambiance) to be a bit dark.

Radiance can be customised in several ways as shown below:

Oxygen for 'Icons' has been selected, to give a blue KDEish feel rather than the more traditional Ubuntu look.

Installing Jens Luetkens comic cursors package gives you a few additional pointers to play with, including the Green one from the screenshot.

Providing you have the 'Universe' repository enabled and are using Firefox, then this direct link will install the additional pointers:

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