Saturday, May 28, 2011

Terminal Preferences - #C0C0C0 and "Terminus Bold" 16

Terminal and "Grey on Black":

I am fascinated by folks who use white on black, and often wonder if it is just a lack of knowing, where / how to change the text colour.

#C0C0C0 is an nice Grey for text appearing on a Pure Black (#000000) background

Terminal Font - Monospace or Terminus:

The default in my Xfce terminal on Debian is 'Monospace', which is a perfectly usable font.

Going a little retro with Terminus

For widescreen desktop: "Terminus Bold" 16

For 15" laptop: "Terminus Bold" 14

Terminal Bell - love it or loath it:

For Xfce terminal, there is a MiscBell option in preferences file which should be set TRUE if you want to hear beep.

Terminal programs and terminal fonts - listings:

Just a quick hint or two for programs / fonts you might try.

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