Monday, August 8, 2011

move / resize partitions - the zero cost way

There was a time when resizing and moving partitions required a trip to the computer store for some software.

No longer the case.

GNU Fdisk is a feature rich fdisk replacement that supports many options including:

  • v - move a partition
  • c - rescue a lost partition
  • z - resize a partition
  • h - check the consistency of a partition
  • o - copy the partition over another partition
By default GNU Fdisk will work in 'compatibility mode', so as to aid users who are making the switch from traditional fdisk.

So options v, c, z, h, o would not show in your menu.

However the -G flag turns off the compatibility mode.

By running gfdisk -G /dev/sda the extra options are available.

( Replace /dev/sda above with whatever your disk device identifier is )

In Debian GNU / Linux you will find GNU Fdisk here.

If all this is too much command line, then there is gparted for a clickable alternative:

gparted list and resize

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