Saturday, March 2, 2013

~/Templates (XDG) - Xfce and Thunar

Thunar is the default file manager in Xfce

One feature which some Linux users find useful, is support of Templates, so that right click 'New Document' has some useful options.

Whilst this is not a core feature of a file manager, it is supported and here is how:

apt-get install xdg-user-dirs

which brings in a binary named xdg-user-dirs-update - used to autogenerate the file .config/user-dirs.dirs

And now easy to check that the correct Templates entry appears:

Firefox Downloads, other downloads and XDG:

If you find that your Downloads are not being saved to the correct place, then the described solution of generating the file .config/user-dirs.dirs may solve this download problem also.

If you want browser downloads saved somewhere else in Xfce, then you might try editing the line XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR shown in the screenshot above.

Notes and Further Reading:

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